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Pied a Terre

That's what I call Jim's new apartment in Montreal - our little pied a terre. He'll be here for at least six months and we want to squeeze as much fun as possible out of this great city. His place is quite roomy, and happily, clean. We arrived a little after 6:00 and unpacked fairly quickly. Since Jim was STARVING (aka grumpy, haha) we decided to go out to dinner.

He called one of our favorite Montreal restaurants...Phayathai at 1235 Guy...and they still had a table. (It is small and fills up quickly.)

We had the front desk call us a cab...a splurge since we were tired & Jim was STARVING and didn't want to walk (our usual mode of transportation in Montreal). They told us to wait in the lobby...a little bit later, the cabbie came in to get us, "Cab for Mr. Jim!" We chatted about the city with him on our ride across town. He told us the location of the nearest IGA (grocery store) and SAQ (liquor store). So we're all set!

Our meal was incredible as always...Lemon grass soup, flash-fried spinach, shrimp appetizers in paper, Peanut Chicken with Sticky Rice, and Chicken with Chili Sauce. The spinach is literally melt-in-your-mouth goodness. It is bright green, with a touch of sugar, and dissolves quickly on the tongue. My friends Kate & Tom introduced us to this place, and we are grateful. The service is impeccable and everything we've ordered in the past has been fantastic (green curry chicken, beef with basil...you can't go wrong here).

We made a toast to Montreal, our temporary new home.

We took the metro back...only four stops and a short walk.
Au revoir.

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