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Now it is Winter

My first trip to Whiteface Mountain this season is on Sunday, and with all the snow we've had, it should be a good base with some nice powder on top. The initial ride up the lift is always my favorite...chatting with my chair mate and checking out the trails. My favorite trail is the one I always take for my beginning run, as I know every curve and slope.

When the chair reaches the summit where we disembark, I always make sure to keep my ski tips up - always the rule follower. The bar, though, I wait until I get past the next-to-the-last set of rollers. I think, "What if we stall or there's a jerk in the cable - I'd plummet." So, I wait...until just the perfect moment.

Ski tips straight, parallel "like french fries," I quickly move out of the way for the chair coming up behind me. After I get off to the side, I adjust my goggles, gloves, and neck gaitor before heading down the slope. My skis are the short, trick style, so I don't need to mess with poles. (Plus I'm so short, they fit me perfectly!)

After two short push-offs, similar to skating, I get past the level terrain and start down the hill. Although watching for other skiers and the terrain in front of me, I take notice of the surroundings. The large firs covered with dolloped frosting of powder, the small brook breaking free from its icy confines, and the flakes falling gently around me.

Sometimes I am fortunate enough to be alone on a trail for a short period of time. I'll pick up speed and feel the cold air whipping at my coat and the gravity pulling me toward the lodge. At the top of the steep part, I pause and catch my breath, watching children learning to ski, snowboarders sitting and chilling with their bros, telemarkers doing their gliding dance down the mountain. When the slope is clear, I hit it hard and feel the rush of skiing at my limit before slowing.

My family is waiting for me at the lift, they've taken a more direct route down the mountain. We move to the gondola for subsequent runs, but I always make sure I ski my favorite trail before leaving for the day.

See you slope side!


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Dec. 21st, 2008 01:44 pm (UTC)
Sounds nice. I tried skiing once. ONCE! When I disembarked from the lift, I promptly fell and had to crawl, yes crawl, out of the way. Then later, tried to grab the tow line and experienced one of those famous "jerks" that yanked me right off my feet. Did I mention that I heard a pop and felt pain in my knee? Yep, spent the rest of the trip on crutches. Have fun!
Dec. 21st, 2008 07:16 pm (UTC)
Moon over the Mountain
Oh No! That's not a very auspicious beginning! I made sure I took a lesson with a professional my first trip to Whiteface. I tried having my favorite ex-sister-in-law teach me on a smaller hill, but that was about as disastrous as yours (but not quite...no crutches were involved!)

Here's one to make you feel better...
We were at Beartown, a good starting point for kids, but they have a t-bar, which I H-A-T-E. My husband and the two kids were there. DH decided he wanted to try snowboarding like my son. So he borrowed my son's buddy's board & the kid tried DH's skis. So my hubby gets in line at the T-bar with my daughter behind him...as he's going up the hill, he catches his edge on the board and begins to go down. Unfortunately, his pants catch the t-bar. Yup, you guessed it...although it was a sunny day, there was a full moon over Beartown! (pants, long underwear, boxers = at the knees) My 13 yr old daughter was MORTIFIED! She probably WISHED he had popped his knee out! haha
Dec. 21st, 2008 07:54 pm (UTC)
Re: Moon over the Mountain
Skiing ain't for sissy's!
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