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Question: What is the most thoughtful gift you've given and thoughtful you've received?
No answers in the vein of "world peace" or "my beautiful children"...we'll do those tomorrow.
Worst/Strangest/Oddest/Funniest gift follows non-tangible day.

One of the best gift I've given:
I used pictures from when my husband was training in Montreal and secretly turned them into a  book using shutterfly.com. DH was so excited...I listed the restaurants we tried, wrote about the festivals, museums, and celebrations we attended, as well as our friends who came to visit us.

One of the best gift I rec'd:
My grandmother, whom we called Memom, gave me a candy case for my high school graduation. The family owned general store in her town, which had opened before the turn of the century, was closing. The last surviving members, two aging siblings, were unable to keep it running. I loved that store, it was like stepping back in time. When I visited my grandmother she would take me there and I was given $1.00 to use toward penny candy. Since it held so many special memories for us, she decided to purchase it for me, if she could. She placed a bid at auction and won the case. It now resides in my dining room, displaying family china, my tea cup collection, and travel souvenirs.
I would sell every stick of my furniture before that piece she won for $60. (I've been offered hundreds for it, but won't part with it.)

These gifts were not the most expensive gifts I've given or rec'd, but they are the ones that mean the most. Gift from the heart, gifts with emotional ties, gifts of a talent, gifts of memories...those are the ones we cherish. My immediate family and I give each other one gift each during the holidays. We focus on each other and others.

ENJOY the season!


Dec. 12th, 2008 01:42 am (UTC)
One of the best gifts I've given: I made a small scrapbook for my husband entitled "A Boy and His Dog", using photos I got from his mom of his pets when he was a kid, plus some I took of him with our pets. He loves it.

One of the best gifts I've received: I'm still waiting on world peace, so . . . a "just because" gift from a friend. It serves no useful purpose, but it is attractive, and it has a version of the quote in my icon on it.
Dec. 12th, 2008 01:48 am (UTC)
Awww! The childhood scrapbook is so sweet..I love the title, too! I can totally understand why he loved it. Great Gift!
: )

(Scrapbooking is so very therapeutic for me.)

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