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Bonjour From Montreal

Bienvenue! I'm back in the city I adore...Montreal. After DH Jim got off work, we (meaning him...I was finishing up my hair!) packed the car and headed north for our non-traditional Thanksgiving. There is always a sense of "coming home" as we drive over the Champlain Bridge and see the lights of the city on the far shore, beckoning us. Once again we stayed at the Omni, a nicely appointed hotel on Sherbrooke.

Our first stop after checking in, jumping on the metro a few stops to...an evening visit to a museum. On Wednesdays from 6:00 to 9:00 pm admission is free at the Montreal Museum of Modern Art,. Sympathy for the Devil: Art and Rock and Roll Since 1967 is a special exhibit until January 11th. If you are a fan of modern art and/or rock history, this is for you.

On of my favorites (not pictured) was a flowing time line of the history of rock: like a river the names of the artists who began the rock movement flowed into the next generation...the ink finally coming to meld together in a black square. Another was Robert Longo's huge dancers in black and white. Their contorted figures captured the raw emotion and freedom of dancing. I've seen pictures of myself dancing, and I know that one doesn't always look so pretty when throwing oneself into the music.

After visiting the museum, which is at the Place des Arts metro stop, we crossed over to the Complex Desjardin. This is our old stomping ground...DH apartment was just down Rene Levesque near Chinatown. The complex contains a small shopping mall, food court, business offices, and Jim's favorite: the IGA. He LOVES that grocery store! He had to go in and get his favorite cheddar cheese for later that evening. We also picked up some crackers and a bottle of wine. Oh yes, I accidentally purchased some Grand Marnier chocolates....they just jumped off the shelf into my hands, so I had to buy them.

Next, we went to a restaurant we hadn't visited in quite sometime:
Restaurant Le Piémontais has been in business since 1977. The Italian restaurant has great sauces, tender meat, and attentive staff. On weekends, reservations are a must. I took my chicken choices off of the Table d’Hôte menu, which included appetizer, salad, main course, and dessert, while DH ordered veal marsala. At the end of our luxuriously slow meal, the waiter approached us apologetically...would we mind terribly having our dessert at a new table in the corner? A huge dinner party of businessmen and women were coming in and our table was in the center of a slew of empty tables (we were being very leisurely...) Of course, we obliged. In thanks, the maitre d' offered us a complimentary apres dinner drink. He brought out flaming absinthe. Since I can't stand licorice...DH had two.

We took a cab back to the hotel, opened the curtains to the city, and took in the lights of downtown Montreal. (We are on the top floor facing the river, in a corner room
, no less!) I gave DH his early Christmas present...two tickets to see the Canadiens play Buffalo this Saturday. They are in the nosebleed section, but in the Centre Bell there isn't a bad seat!

Au revoir from Montreal....

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