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Montreal Summer

One of the joys of Montreal is that you never know what you might see. The city is gearing up for the Montreal Jazz Festival, which starts on Thursday. The staging and lighting are going in on St. Catherine Street between Place des Arts and the Complex Desjardin. On our strolls, we like to walk through and see how they are progressing.
This afternoon we were walking through and stopped to look at these cute little race cars. Then we noticed a grand assortment of news media. And then, the red carpet. It was a gathering for the new movie Nitro, starring Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge, Lucie Laurier, and Martin Matte.

Click the picture above to link to the movie. (Notice the cute little car in the bottom right.)

Guillaume was hot, Martin was adorable, and Lucie was smokin'! We stuck around, Jim got to try out his new camera...part of the paparazzi crowd. Here are photos he took of the stars...

So what's for dinner? I'm afraid to disappoint those of you looking for a restaurant review...today we ate EVERY meal at home! Right now Jim is whipping up a Basil Cream Chicken dish that's served over fettuccine. It smells divine.

I am sipping on another Montreal find....my fav from the Montreal Beer Festival...Desperados...a beer with a tequila lime flavor. Perfect for summer. So excuse me as I retire to the balcony, beer in hand, to look out over Old Montreal.

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