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Happy Birthday Canada!
Today is Canada's 140th birthday after being declared an independent country by Queen Victoria (For more information see: http://www.dltk-kids.com/canada/about.htm). Not only is it Canada's birthday, but it is also my brother Mark's birthday, too.

What would you like to do today? Well if you were in Montreal, you would have plenty to choose from...here are some of the highlights....

In Old Montreal, there was an International Food Festival down near the port. If you meet with an unexpected shower, just wait because a beautiful double rainbow might be just around the corner.

Aside from the traditional parades with marching bands and bagpipes, we happened upon this parade in Chinatown. Although it was small, the message was powerful. A community marching band was in front of this group carrying signs about ending Communist tyranny in China. The parade was closed by a small group of women in traditional garb playing hand drums. They were wearing yellow and carrying yellow signs with red writing. I know from my sister-in-law Trish that red means good luck and white is death. (Ask her about the flowers in the hospital incident...)
I didn't know what yellow meant, so I looked it up...(http://www.colortheory.org/D_ColortheroryChineseColorTheory.htm)
Yellow was the color of the emperor and only he could wear it. It is also the color that represents growth.

Still in full swing is the Montreal Jazz Fest. Jim and Craig had a boy's night out...they went to Stash's for authentic Polish food for dinner and then to see Harmonicarama, a trio of harmonica players. They had a great night enjoying some of what Montreal has to offer.

Our night was capped as the three of us stood on the balcony and watched a fantastic fireworks display celebrating Canada Day...what a spectacular view. We are so lucky to have this opportunity to enjoy this beautiful country and great city.

Happy Birthday, Canada!
    (and Mark, who isn't as old, but just as special...)

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