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Molto Buono

Molto Buono is Italian for "very good"....and that's Guido & Angelina's at 2313 St. Catherine Street in downtown Montreal.

Hands down, the best bruchetta I've had in a restaurant.

We arrived in town Friday evening, without any plans, so we set off walking down St. Catherine's to see where the wind would take us. Happily, we chose G & A's! We both love Italian food, which was one drawing card. The other point that pulled us in was the large glass doors that fold back so you are opened to the street. Just like al fresco dining, but with more room. The restaurant was full, but did not feel crowded.

Our waiter was very "bello" and attentive. The presentation of the food gave us an idea what was ahead....yummmmm.
After the bruchetta, we split a tomato and
mozzarella salad. For the main course we had two different chicken dishes...a lemon piccatta and a chicken scallopine in a cream sauce. We tried one another's meals and both were wonderful.

I know I have hundreds of other restaurants I want to try...but that bruchetta is calling me. I don't know if I can resist. Perhaps I could just sneak in one day for lunch when Jim is at work...no one would be the wiser! (hehe)

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