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Montreal Botanical Gardens

This weekend is Gardener's Weekend at the Botanical Gardens in Montreal. Jim and I went early so that we would be through before the rest of the crowds appeared. For only the second time since we arrived, we used our car to get there. Normally we walk (or take the metro if we are in a hurry).

All along the entry pathways, white tents of varying sizes were set up for displays. There were vendors selling birdhouses, fountains, and plants. The Gardens were giving away free plants and trees, as well.

The lilacs were in bloom, which is why I wanted to go this time of year. They have hundreds of lilac bushes of all different varieties....from little short stubby shrubs covered with light-colored blooms to bushes that appeared like a leggy-trunked tree two stories tall with fragrant deep blossoms. We smelled them all! The ones pictures below, an old-fashioned looking lilac...the kind your grandmother would have near her porch...was the most fragrant of them all.

Jim only "went along for the ride" so I didn't have to go alone. He really enjoyed himself, too. He liked the Chinese gardens (above) and the Japanese bonsai. We saw bonsai trees that were hundreds of years old. He laughed at how their life expectancies would greatly diminish if we got a hold of them!

Later that day we ate at a cute little crepe place in Old Montreal. It was tres, tres petit, with only a few tables. We managed to snag one right by the window! I had crepes suzette and Jim had crepes florentine. They weren't as good as the crepes we had at Jardin Nelson, but it was a quaint little place on St. Paul with lots of charm.


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