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Biere Festival!

What could be more fun than the Montreal Biere Festival? Enjoying it with our friend Suzy and Myles!

The beer was flowing...as long as you have a coupon. Myles would always give a friendly encouragement to get his topped off a little more & it worked every time!

My favorite new beer is Desperados, which is made in France. You can buy it here in Canada at the SAQ...I don't know about in the States. It is very refreshing...tequila flavored beer....tastes like lime = YUMMY!

There were tents set up all over the Bell Arena exterior...beers from all parts of the world...Belgium, France, Germany, United States, and Canada. One of Jim's favorites was the Japanese beer: Sapporo
He said it was dry, not too sweet, and smooth.

For lunch we bought a variety of cheeses, a baguette or three, and some fruit. Oh, and we washed it down with beer.

We bought Unibroue glasses (in honor of one of our nameless relatives who was very hairy at birth...she only had one eyebrow. Luckily she grew out of that and was voted Most Photogenic when she graduated!)

The afternoon was quite enjoyable...the weather was perfect...a gorgeous sunny day. We didn't stay too long or overimbibe. When the crowds started getting thick, we moved on back to the room and hung out until dinner time.

For dinner that evening the four of us went to Gibby's. It is a Montreal tradition...I had heard rave reviews of it from Dick, Lorraine, & Cassie. (And I trust their impeccable taste, that's for sure! After all, they were part of the founding members of the infamous Meet, Greet, and Eat club in Plattsburgh.)

Jim and shared a Beef Wellington for two. The pastry crust was delicate and the meat was rare. Suzy ordered the swordfish, which she loved, and Myles had a nice piece of rib eye. We all enjoyed our meals. For dessert I ordered creme brulee, which was not as good as Jim's (he was happy to hear that one)! Good food, good friends, and great conversation. It was such a fun evening.

The entrance to Gibby's. Here's some info from their website: "Gibbys is located in the Youville Stables which is part of a series of buildings once belonging to the Sisters of Charity, (or Grey Nuns)... Part of the original structure was built in 1694, and served as The Grey Nuns’ General Hospital, which cared for the sick and destitute. However, most of the building dates from 1765 to 1850."

Reservations are highly recommended:  Tel.: (514) 282-1837
298 Place D'Youville in Old Montreal

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