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Bon Anniversaire Craig

My favorite son Craig joined us for his birthday weekend. (Yes, I know, he's my only son...but it makes him feel better!) We were happy to see him...Clarkson University has him down in the dumps & we worry about him being so unhappy.

For those of you interested in upscale Montreal restaurants...skip this entry! (ha ha) If you are looking for a fun weekend with teens, keep reading.

On Friday evening we arrived around dinner time, so we took Craig to Foxy's favorite Montreal digs....the Bar-B-Barn. Jim and Craig loved the hearty portions and the finger-licking sauce. It must be good since the line stretches out the door even in the winter time. One trip was enough for me. Although I liked the cole slaw, the cleanliness left much to be desired. (But hey, it's the birthday weekend, so I just kept my mouth shut and had fun.)

After we had dinner, we went shoe shopping. Craig wanted a pair of Nike hightop sneakers for his gift. He had looked for them in vain online, so he was not feeling hopeful about finding a pair with a lime green swoosh. As we strolled down St. Catherine Street, we stopped in every "cool" shoe store we saw. We finally found them! There they were...in all their GLOW IN THE DARK glory...in a Canadian Footlocker! He was thrilled. It was so funny for the rest of the weekend...everywhere we went, his shoes lit the way.

On Saturday the 28th the weather was cold and rainy....we went shopping at Centre Eaton and had lunch in their massive food court. Later, Craig wanted to have Jim watch the movie "Blades of Glory" with Will Farrell, so off we went. With Craig sitting near us, it looked as if he was glowing from a nuclear explosion. His shoes were so bright he tucked his feet back under the seat. Craig was right in his movie selection, Jim laughed until he had tears running down his face. After the movie we had dinner at McKibbons, an Irish pub. We were there too early for music, unfortunately. Since Craig is legal drinking age in Canada, he ordered a beer. Now, THAT felt odd. (and old)

Our highlight of the evening was to go to Sharx, a pool hall/bowling alley/bar I'd read about in one of the guidebooks. We had a fantastic time. The Cosmic Bowling has glowing black lights, so everything white pops. We bowled three games. I lost all three. After we were finished bowling we sat in the bar and had drinks and watched Hockey Night in Canada.

On his birthday, the 29th, Craig worked on a paper for school. He'd started it before he got to Montreal and worked on it a little each day. He is a good writer. We sat on the couch, with side-by-side laptops and did our homework together. It was another nasty day outside, which was good, it made us stay in and get our work done.

That's the boy's weekend. I think he enjoyed himself and liked getting away from Clarkson, even if just for a few days. (Although Potsdam is pretty darn exciting. Yawn.)

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