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Today we took my beautiful daughter and her sweet boyfriend Kevin to see a little more of Montreal before they head back to college. We jumped on the metro and got off at the Viau stop. (Note: I've heard this area is suppose to be dangerous at night, but felt safe in the day.)

We first toured the Biodome, a unique experience where one can see the environments and animals of the tropics, the arctic, the antarctic, the laurentides, and the St. Lawrence river system. We especially thought Kevin would love it because he is taking a trip to the Amazon this summer.


The monkeys were so adorable...there are a few different types to see...and the exhibits are so close you feel like you can reach out and pet them. I especially liked the marmosets and tamarins. We really wanted to see the sloth, but couldn't find it. We spent an inordinate amount of time looking for it. Finally, Kevin, who is amazing at spotting various plants and wildlife found it...don't ask me how! It was near the canopy, up close to the atrium roof. They move so slowly and are so well camouflaged that you certainly can't look for a sudden movement or a flash of color!     ; )

The penguins were funny...they have such interesting personalities. When Jim was bending over looking into the tank, one swam up and acted like he was kissing him. When you see them waddling on land, it is hard to imagine their graceful beauty when they "fly" through the water. We liked the ones with the yellow "hair" sticking out the sides of their heads - Macaroni are the smaller ones...and Rockhoppers are the larger ones with more yellow feathers than their smaller counterpart. The Biodome has microphones in the environment so you can hear the penguins communicate.

We grabbed a quick bite at the Biodome cafeteria...the food is better than most museum offerings and not too expensive.

Right before they left, we took Steph and Kevin to the Jean-Talon market. It is our favorite...although we like Atwater. It is a short walk from the Jean-Talon metro exit. On the side street is a wonderful bakery that sells great chocolate chip bread, a fromagerie with excellent cheeses, and a little Italian market with fantastic olive oils and vinegars. The first time I ever went to either market was with our friends Kate and Tom. Thanks for that...they are both wonderful.

Steph and Kevin left in the late afternoon to his parent's home in Albany. When he tried the aged cheddar Canadian cheese, he was in heaven! I got him a balsamic vinegar glaze, which I know he'll love, too.


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