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Qu'est-ce qu'on joue aujord'hui?

What a difference a week makes!
Last week = "Storm of the Century" with power outages, school closings, and a state of emergency in Clinton County, NY.
This week = Crocus, daffodils, and sun. The temperature is 70 F (21C).

Steph and Kevin came up for the weekend....it was so nice to see them both.

Kevin really wanted to go to the Botanical Gardens, but since there aren't even leaves on the trees here yet, we talked him into coming back to Montreal this summer. We decided instead to go to the Biodome and see the environments and animals tomorrow before they leave.

Steph had friends from New Paltz up here visiting Montreal on a French Club tour. She contacted them and found out they were nearby. We quickly changed our plans and headed to the park at Hotel de Ville. We hung out with them for a while and watched a street performer. He was...unique. One of his tricks was to hook chains to his earlobes and then pull a woman who was sitting on a skateboard. OUCH!

For lunch we went to Arahova - a Greek deli in Old Montreal at 480 St. Laurent. Mmmmm.....baklava! Afterward, we brought Kevin to Steve's music. Now THAT was dangerous....a city block of musical instruments!

We really wanted Kevin to see Notre Dame, so we paid the admission ($4 each, I think) and entered the cathedral.

Notre Dame has both holiness and grandeur. The ceiling soars with intricate arches and marbleized columns. Do you know all the shades of blue in the world? For they are here....lapis, sapphire, sky, azure, cerulean, and cobalt.

Our surprise for the evening was to take the two of them to the House of Jazz. Steph and Kevin share a love of music...and it was music that brought them together. Kevin plays in a band, Daha, and is one of the most talented guitarists we've met.


2050 Rue Aylmer

You have to make reservations in advance to get one of the good tables. When we called there was bar seating (first come, first served) and tables in the back. We chose to go early and get a good seat at the bar, which was closer to the action. We found a counter for three, and squeezed in four (good thing we like each other!). Instead of ordering a meal, since we'd had a late lunch, we each ordered salads and then a variety of appetizers to share. The cheese platter was a hit with all.
The band playing was Johnny Scott and Friends....the band leader must have known we loved him because he kept smiling and nodding in our direction all night. We were probably the only group in there that wasn't visiting...we were just appreciating their music. The room was filled with couples and intimate groups of friends. It wouldn't be a place to go for conversation, since it is small and the music (which is great) fills the room. We had a blast and kept thinking of which of our friends would love to go there with us. It was a special evening.

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