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Le diner avec Kate et Rich

I was so excited that Kate and Rich were coming today. The city was still slushy and cold from our snowstorm yesterday, but we will still have a blast. They are such fun and always good for a laugh. Both of them live life.

We bought a bottle of white wine for Kate and she raved over it (I'm getting her a bottle to bring to her the next time I'm in town.) Curvee Saint-Honore. It is a dry wine bottled here in Montreal.. (I had to go earlier to get wine glasses...we only had two. I went to the Dollar Store in the Complex Desjardin and bought four more. I also found some adorable little cordial glasses, so I got those, too.)

We set out a nicely aged Canadian cheddar and a smooth brie. We visited a while before heading to dinner. Jim and I are hitching a ride back with them, so we loaded our luggage into the car down in the parking garage.

426 St. Gabriel Street

This restaurant was originally an Inn (or auberge). It is the oldest in North America...started in 1754. It is filled with old world charms...from its hand-hewn massive beams to the twin stone fireplaces. The rustic native-stone walls seemed over a foot thick. We made reservations for the first seating at six-thirty. Montrealers eats much later than we do back home, with some of them dining at eight or nine pm. The tables were covered with white linens and the chairs were ladder-back.

The field green salad with balsamic vinegrette dressing was fantastic. The dressing was not overpowering, the the balsamic was distinct. Kate, Rich, and Jim all had the cream of asparagus soup...they all raved over it. Jim called it "Cream of Deliciousness Soup" and said it was the best soup he'd had in his life.

For the main course, Jim and I had the chateaubriand pour deux. The medium rare meat was perfectly pink, very rare..but not too. The flavor was mellow, but memorable..as it practically melted on the tongue. Rich order lamb and Kate had veal chops. They tried our meal, too...and one another's. Rich raved about how every dinner was distinct, yet superb.

The creme brulee for dessert was the best I'd had....better than Jim's! (Shhh...don't tell him, he gets upset!)

We had a lovely evening visiting with two great friends, dining in a beautiful setting, eating incredible food.

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