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Je suis desole

Today I ventured to Eaton Centre and Complex les Ailes...still didn't shop though! I bought a metro card yesterday and it is so handy, you just swipe it and go. I'm starting to get to know the metro...I am able to change lines without standing there and staring at the metro map.

Jim came back to Montreal today. He brought with him his new purchases...a computer laptop, a toaster oven, and a hot plate (as we are still in the hotel room, not the apt.). He found out after he got here that he can't use the small cooking appliances here. His computer is nice...a Toshiba with a HUGE screen, which is very clear.

Since tonight was Jim's American Idol night (his formerly-secret guilty pleasure), we got panini's to go at the Complex Desjardin. They were tasty. It is such an easy meal,  I need to make more of these at home.

Well, I gave Jim the B.B. King tickets and it didn't go over as well as I though it would. I hoped he would be thrilled, but I didn't get that impression. He only commented on the price and said he hoped I was working this summer. Maybe he'll come around...if not, I'm sure I can sell them to someone....

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