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High Five Friday

High Fives All Around for a Great Week:

1) Finally hit send (see previous posts)! Crossing my fingers and hoping they will still like it.

2) Took my students to the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum in Vermont. The weather was beautiful, the kids acted wonderfully, and the museum is fantastic. Whew!

3) Enjoyed a sunny late afternoon today sitting on the deck of a local restaurant eating dinner with some friends. Anytime it gets over 55 degrees up here, we break out the shorts!

4) Tomorrow heading up to Montreal with my favorite-ex-sister-in-law (LOVE her!) and going to see The Cirque du Soleil. I've never been to a performance and I've heard this is one of their best ones yet. We are going to spend the morning and early afternoon walking around old Montreal, have lunch at some point, and then head over to the show.

5) My little hedgie finally figured out how to use her wheel. At first she just sat under it. For about an hour. But boy, oh boy, when she got it, she ran on that thing all night! One of my students suggested a few names to me...he and his dad are working on helping me out. One that made me laugh: Marjorie Jr! One we are considering: Needles

The poor baby without a name.

This is a lovely view of her hind end. Yes, she is UNDER her new wheel. Putting food inside helped lure her in and then she was off to the races!

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