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Ou sont les marche?

Today was a day of exploring Montreal. Jim wanted to locate the closest grocery store. I'd read there was on in the Complex Desjardin...and the cab driver confirmed that last night. We slept in this morning and then Jim went to the hotel's breakfast while I got ready. (We are temporarily in the hotel side while waiting for an apartment to open in the next building.)

We walked the two blocks to the IGA. Although it is small, it has a bakery, a sushi bar, a fromage section, and a nice little deli. We bought a couple of bags of groceries and then went across the hall to the SAQ. I found two bottles of Cabernet I wanted to try...one from France and one from Australia. We returned to our room, dropped off our purchases, and set out again.

We probably walked about eight miles today. We strolled through the Complex Desjardin. There are two floors of shops and restaurants. The center is an atrium that is about six stories high. In the center is a large fountain that periodically shoots a spray all the way up...almost touching the glass ceiling. (I'm sure there's a metaphor there somewhere.) The children gather around and excitedly wait for the next blast.

In the center courtyard, there was a small petting zoo set up (probably since it is close to Easter) with baby chicks, a miniature pony, and impossibly small baby goats. The peacock had tail feathers of a deep indigo that trailed four feet behind him!  Another interesting attraction was a cute little village with a rubberized road running throughout. Children would sit in Little Tikes cars and push themselves through the course. Most of the children were Chinese, since we are a stone's throw away from Chinatown. It made me miss my baby nephew Ryan and his big sister Alyssa. (They live in San Francisco, so we don't see each other as often as I wish.)

After strolling around, we set off on a brisk walk (and I mean "brisk" in every sense of the word...it was freezing!) We walked down St. Catherine Street to Crescent. We had lunch at  an Irish pub, Claddaugh. Jim had Shepherd's  Pie and I had a great Fish and Chips. He said it was one of the best comfort meals he's had at a restaurant. I love everything English, so I try fish and chips anytime I think the place might know what they are doing with it. The fish was tender and flaky, not too fishy, and prepared perfectly. The draft beer was tasty...I had a pale ale and Jim tried a dark amber.

We walked back down Maisonneuve and returned to the room for a little siesta.

For dinner that night, we stayed close to home and went to Moulon Rouge in the Complex Desjardin...a nice place iwth cozy booths and hearty pub-style fare. (Hamburgers, Chicken Caesar Salad, etc. ) It is a popular spot and has lines of people waiting to get in.

After dinner we went back to the room to watch Hockey Night in Canada...Go Habs Go!. They lost to Toronto, 5-4.    : ( poor Habs.
C'est bon! Jim says life doesn't get any better than this...sitting watching Hockey Night in Canada while actually in Canada and while eating Canadian sharp cheddar cheese and drinking a Canadian beer! He's a man of simple pleasures!

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